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At last we have had some rain in our part of Australia. We have had in excess of 4". I have a number of floodgates to fix when the water goes down. I don't care about this extra work. This is our greatest fall of rain for 2years. Its supposed to be spring but in the past week we have had -4c temps and a couple of frosts as well we have had temperatures up to 31c a temperature that is acceptable to us in summer. We are at 3,000 ft above sea level. Our average rainfall is supposed to be 34" we are up to 20" after this fall. We were also about to run out of water. We had man come in and dig a few holes in the creek to help things. The other time we did this it rained too.

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We have had two years of drought here too we have about 4" of desert rain(4 inches between drops) or so a month but we haven't even been getting the snow we should have gotten last winter and we are just hoping that we can get enough this year. It's pretty sad when making hay, washing your car, and leaving windows down on the trucks doesn't make it rain.

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