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Feb 6, 2006
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Bowie Texas
Man a good ground soaking rain would sure be nice.
I tried digging postholes yesterday.I could go only about a foot into the ground.
I even had a 55gal drum filled with water tied on the augar for weight.
I filled the shallow holes with water,and am going back today to try again.

I changed the point on the bit to one of those screw points like this.

The only problem doing that is it tends to take to big of a bite and it is easy to stick a bit or shear a pin. I still needed water poured in the hole to be able to clean the loose dirt out.

Rain, sleet, snow, doesn't matter. Any would be welcome. :nod:
I needed a jack hammer to drive T-posts!

Tried three augers tips and none work.

It took me 25 minues to dig an 8 foot hole with the backhoe for a meter loop. The first 5 feet are what took all the time. The last 3 feet were just one pull on the bucket.

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