Rain up Northern Australia.

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Oct 1, 2008
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Northern New England Region, Tenterfield NSW Austr
Stacks of rain in North Queensland. Flooding like some places have never seen before. Last couple of days there's been upwards of 20 inches. More rain is expected over the already flooded parts of the interior of Queensland. The middle part of Australia will have a good soaking when the water gets to it in the next month.
If only it were us getting the rain.....

I have a heap of pics from Queensland but I think it would take me too long to upload them- they're quite impressive though, from a few stations up there.
Sorry Keren and Carla, don't think you'll get any. We are more likely to get some because we are further north.We won't get anything till any tropical disturbance comes down to about the Sunshine Coast (about 100ks north of Brisbane) , then it depends on how wide a sweep of cloud there is. Sometimes we can get rain should it come down towards the Western Darling Downs.
Look up the ABC online site (abc.net.au) and check out the Mt Isa site. There's a few pics on it. haven't looked up the Cairns one yet. Should be some posted from there by now.
PS Keren you'd better move to Northern NSW. :banana:
Stud breeders are a bit short on the ground around our area too. We have 4 Brahman studs,2 Gelbvieh,1 South Devon,1 Murray Grey,1 Poll Hereford,1 Hereford,2 Charolais,2 Dexter, 1 Santa Gertrudis,3 Angus. Of these only 1 Brahman,1 South Devon,1Hereford, 1 Poll Hereford and 1 Murray Grey exhibit at local shows. Sign of the times I think. Used to have lots more exhibitors at shows in lots of places. Towards the coast had lots more as well.
Hope it rains soon. Been fairly mild here today.

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