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Mar 9, 2008
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I have a heifer. She is 23 months old and 7 months pregnant.
She has always been very friendly and comes running for food and scratches. the past week she has started spending a lot of time laying down and has become very stand-off ish. She basically looks like a tired, crabby pregnant woman. She is also spending a lot of time alone and not with my other heifer. her udder has started to develop and she looks like shes going to pop. She is slightly larger on her right side(calf) than her left(rumen).

Is this normal for a heifer who still has two months to go?
Is it possible that she settled on the first heat even tho we bred her again a cycle later?

Any input is appreciated.
Yes it's possible. But it could also be that the heat (I'm assuming you're having summer) may just be wearing her down in combination with being bred.
Roadapple":3bb6xcim said:
Hey Dun, would the heat make her udder start to develope?

No, but I've seen heifers at 12 months start to develop udders and not finish till after they calved as 2 year olds.
Unless the teats are starting to strut I don;t pay much attention to udders anymore as a sign of impending delivery.

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