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Just weaned some calves, all heifers. What kind of shots do they need and where do they need to be injected (neck or rump, under skin or in the muscle)? As of right now I plan on keeping them for awhile.
what shots to give depends on where you live ...... best thing to do is ASK your VET

If you are planning on keeping these sets of heifers i would start with a 8 way (Chlosttidals) and a 4 way pneaumonia, irb ,brsv ,p13 .If you see cold in the eyes and ears droopy LA200works great. If you havn't already i would ivomec them.The neck is always the best place but if you are going to retain these group for moma's the rump is okay.
If "keeping them for a while" means you possibly intend to keep them as breeders you need to get a VET to give them their bangs (brucellosis) shots, in addition to other recommended shots for your location that you perhaps could self-administer. Different vets may have different views on what the "law" essentially requires, but mine says they have to have their bangs shot at no later than 10 months. The bangs shot is NOT something for you to self-administer. Arnold Ziffle

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