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Jul 6, 2009
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Odell, NC
I've never used a cattle rub but the flys are terrible right now, so I bought one to try out. I tried the search thing but didn't have any luck, so here are my questions:

1. How high do I need to hang the rubs?

2. I use rotational grazing so would using t-posts so I can move the rubs around more easy work or do I need something more sturdy?

3. Do the rubs need to be in an area the cows will naturally walk through? or will they just see them in the middle of the pasture and think it is something good to stratch on?

Any other suggestions would be apreciated. Plan on using a mix of permethrin and vegtable oil on the rubs.
We use a fly wiper deal rather then rubs. Same principle. I set up each water point with a gate they have to pass through and hang it there
t posts alone will not hold up all that weight very well. If you don't have any trees or larger posts that'll work for you, we've made small 'pens' of portable panels with t posts as extra supports, and put the rubs at the entrance to the small pens then put their mineral inside the pen. Works pretty well.
Just don't put your rubs directly over food or water, but you will need to place it where they have to go under it.
Good suggestions above.

- you really need the hanging "flypps" I think they call them to get the face as they pass under. I used twice as many flypps per 10ft rub as they suggest to make sure they get the mix on their faces. I hang mine so the flypps are only about 8-12" off of the ground. Soak it twice the first day with the permectrin/oil mix since it holds a lot especially when new. Then at least weekly as bad as the flies are this year.

- the posts need to be very sturdy, or use trees. Once they get used to the rub they will go under it and stay there and twist and turn and back into it .... I've had a couple look like they were doing the "Twist" (dating myself) with their backsides against it.

- Best place is in the path to water, feedbunk or some other attraction so they must all pass under it preferably a couple times a day. IF nothing else, buy a sweet mineral lick tub and place it between a couple trees....

Good luck. Jim
You may have to hang it a little higher at first if they are used to an electric fence. I hang mine so they have to duck their heads to go under it, but not so low the calves want to jump over.
I built a 4X7.5 mineral/salt feeder this year from an idea I got looking at a brochure form P H White complete with "A" roof. Hung 10' rubs on sides and 5' on ends with Flyps. Haven't treated as often as I should :dunce: but fly control is good consdering.
At first, I didn't want to invest $$$ if they were not used.
I thought about pouring 5-Gallon buckets of cement with posts in the middle thinking I could move them around but then came to my senses realizing they would be knocked over.
I stuck cedar posts where needed and moved my one rub around for a while.
Now, I have purchased others and they hang at several locations and the cattle love them.

In closing, if you need to move them, plant a few sturdy posts. They will soon learn to love the rubs and also scratch on the posts meaning whatever you decide, it MUST be sturdy.
Personally, I use Prolate⁄Lintox-HD mixed with Diesel on my rubs and it works very well.
I was hesitant to use in the pasture with my horses around and even tried to find advice; finally I went for it and no issues to date and the smaller horses are using them as well.

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