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Do you like herefords?

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  • C. Sorta, they are good to make crosses with & show because they are tame.

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  • D. Yes, totally I love herefords.

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I like Herefords alot. They seem to calve regularly and are easy to work with. :D :D
:D yes i like them but it is hard to find good ones in our area :? . as crosses there is alot to be said for the bald faces. i have a braford bull (marked just like a hereford) now and i am very pleased with the first calves.
Yes I like Herefords,they have been the backbone of cattle breeding here in Australia. Unfortunately they have had the introduction of some dubious genetics from the US and Canada in recent times which has affected their doing ability and calving ease.
We have commercial Herefords,we run about 100 breeders and cross them with Hereford,Brahman,South Devon,South Brahvon and Angus.
The Brahman cross progeny are joined to South Brahvons,(to maintain some Brahman content)
The black baldies are joined to both South Devon and Brahman.
The South Devon cross progeny are joined to South Devon to increase the scale and weight gain.
Herefords are an integral part of our breeding program. Their greatest drawback is eye cancer and their lower weight gains hence the need to cross them.
Keep breeding them,we need them.
Colin :D

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