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Jan 26, 2007
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SE Okla
I have searched to find my answers before posting but have not had luck yet.

My husband bought two bottle calfs on Wednesday. first one is 95# and doing well. Number 2 is about 65 pounds. He was up wednesday night, took his bottle with much coaxing but took 3 pints. Thursday morning, harder to get him to feed but finally got a bottle down him. He took 2 pints that evening. However, Friday, he took nothing.....he would try but daughter couldn't get him to suck. (I was at work.)

I tubed him this morning and gave him colostrum, just in case he didn't get enough from Momma. (Yes, I know there is a big controversy on whether it does any good after 24 hours but my theory is it can't hurt.) He is still very listless, cold nose....I also have a bag of electrolytes to mix and give him...His stool is a bit nrunny but not bright yellow like the scours.

My questions:

1. How soon after tubing the colustrum should I try the ELytes?
2. How often should I tube his milk replacer and how much should I tube?

I have not had to mess with bottle babies in 20+ years. Our last one took the bottle first time and never had a problem. Dad used to buy bottle babies all the time and seldom had was the first time I had tubed in probably 30 I have forgotten a few basics I guess..

Thanks for any help....
What is his temperature?
When we have to tube a calf with replacer we use the same amount as we would feed if it was taking it from a bottle
How old are they, and what breed?

If there younger I would feed 1 quart 3-4 times daily. I tried feeding younger calves the 2 quarts per feeding, and thats a huge mistake untill there about 2-3 weeks old, or atleast it was for me. I would wait about 8-12hrs depending on how much you gave him, to give electrolytes. But electrolytes are a life saver. I would try my best to get him to suck the bottle, I would use tubing as a last resort.

Look at these two links:
I have no idea on breed or age for that matter. At our sale, you get what you get if you don't go down and ask questions. and bless my husband..he is a city boy married to the rancher's daughter. So, he buys what he "likes" and brings it home to me.

the one that is not eating looks a little like a Brangus...and honestly..haven't taken his temp. I would say that he is about 6 days...I am pretty sure he was around 24-48 hrs when we got him.

the other one is anybody's guess as to breed...may have some Hereford in him but he is a cross....He is more than a week. Up and feisty...
Electrolytes can be given 2 hours or so after a milk feeding.

You need to pull a temp like Dun said to know what you are dealing with. If his temp is over or under normal you need to treat it..
Baby calf was up this morning, actually looked a little better, still won't suck, doesn't seem to have the will or power. Temp this morning was 99.
Vet is gone for the long holiday weekend so that is not an option. I am warming him with warmed blankets....sure hoping we don't have to come in for a bath.....Looks like he is getting dehydrated too...fluid in...fluid out...Not looking good for this one.
99 is to low, he is hypothermic..probably because of the loss of fluids. You need to keep the electrolytes going he should be getting 3-4 feedings a day of 1.5 to 2 lites each.. If you have pen I would give him a shot of that as well ,it is OTC so you can buy it at any farm supplier..

Keep tubing him with the electrolytes ,,,good luck..
I would be slipping a couple of eggs down his throat. It gets something into their stomach without doing any harm whatsoever.
Have done it many many times with good results.
Are the calf's eyes sunken in? Does it's stay tented up after you pinch it up? It sounds dehydrated. We got one we are fighting the battle with now so I know how you feel.

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