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I have a pet jersey cow that has become lame. At first I thought it was her foot but it is in her rear leg - not sure what the joint is called but it`s right at the spot where the leg meets the belly. She tries not to put any weight on that leg and when she does it makes a cracking noise - like knuckles cracking. I talked to my vet about it but he says there is nothing he can do for her. Do you have any idea what could be happening and if there is anything I can do to make her well?? Any suggestions from anyone welcome!! Thanks, JC
If it's her stifle (knee), she may have ripped a ligament, or even her ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). These will heal with time, and may leave permanent damage which will not resolve. She must be on soft solid footing which will not slip--that will blow her leg much worse. She cannot be naturally bred for at least a few months. Calving could be tricky right now as well--could drop her permanently if she pinches a nerve in her pelvis....

I've seen animals recover from injuries I thought would be the end, so time, TLC and good footing are very important to the outcome. Good Luck! V
> I havea 4-month calf who just got scours with blood 3-days ago. She is weaned already but I was wanting to know if I could give her a milk replacer in a bottle since I can't get her to drink water on her own. Does the milk replacer help with scours. If not, is there a home remedy that I can fix and feed it in a bottle or is this not a good idea? No one is open today to buy medicine.

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Bloody scours could be enterotoxemia, salmonella or coccidia, or something I'm not thinking of at the moment. A lot depends on the calf's attitude. If depressed, this calf needs electrolytes PRONTO. These are a dilute sugar/salt solution. I guess gatorade is a human form of one...I personally use commercial ones so that the balance is correct. You could find recipes on the 'net I'm sure. Milk potentiates diarrhea but it's better than dehydrating from not drinking.

Please develop a relationship with a good vet so that you can get supplies/information/visits when you need them! Good Luck V