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Apr 21, 2008
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NSW Australia
Finally getting around to building a new set of yards after summer & I have been looking for a cattle crush that would suit my Highlands & haven't found any that I think would suit, so have decided to get one custom made. After searching I have found this one Highland Cattle Crush that I like or is there a better one that you know of ? Pros? cons? Anything that could/should be improved, removed or added to.

That one looks like it will work fine. There is another type that is built here in theStates, it is modeled after the Medina hinge. We don't have a Longhorn chute for our cattle. If we need to work the large ones we just run them thru the barn and catch them up in a corner and squeeze them up with a corral panel, sometimes we have to rope them but we've made so far almost eleven years doing it this way.
Thanks our working yards are non-existant We're building the new yards based on this design ... -head-flow it will be bigger than what I really need but I figure the extra space will be worth it & a dream compared to what I have to work with now. It is usually my mother & I that work on the cattle & the cattle crush will be there if & when its needed.
"Cattle crush" (aka "squeeze chute"). With longhorns what is NOT appropriate or functional is the conventional "Head Gate" device. The "Medina Hinge" concept (simplicity: use 2 gates close is secured, the second one is used to push the animal next to the fixed one). You can see our set-up on our website...we have a number of photos of our "structures", etc...just have to browse thru the photo galleries.

Anyway, the Medina Hinge concept has been used very successfully with Longhorn cattle and no injuries due to getting horns broken or mashed, etc.

Thanks Bill, I am one step ahead of you already ;-) Your site was one of the first that I visited since I started looking & not for the first time I may add. How would a system like that work for giving a cow a c-section or pulling calves ?
I think ww chute in Oklahoma may make one. have no idea if its any good.Ive never owned a longhorn

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