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redangus":3ch5dv3s said:
As much as you AI, why not be in the registered business?

Two reasons. We cross breed almost everything and the cost.

Chuckie":nh6ts9u4 said:
dun, What two breeds do you mainly crossbreed?

Red Angus and Polled Hereford. Got one F1 Gelbvieh Red Angus and bred one of the last blk Angus to a red Simmenthal this year. But we stick pretty much with just those two british breeds.

Ryan":p6kmosvv said:
Red Angus and Polled Hereford

what color pattern do you typically get with this cross?

Just your standard red baldy (red neckers). Except one cow that is out of a Polled Hereford cow sired by a Red Angus bull. We've bred her to a Red Angus and none of her calves have even had a single white hair. The other baldys, including her sister, alwasy throw baldy calves when bred to the same bulls.


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