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May 7, 2004
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Can you please give me advise on a good warm season pasture grass seed for my brahmans that might grow in western ky? Thank you very much for your help.
I was at Farm Services a few days ago and picked up a document called "Grazing and Haying of Native Warm Season Grasses for Livestock and Wildlife." It was printed by Kentucky Dept of Fish and Wildlife Resources. It includes info on switchgrass, eastern gamagrass, big bluestem and indiangrass. Here's a couple of phone numbers 270-781-3091 and 859-259-9655 X 29 that you can call for additional info. Hope this helps.

Gosh.. that's a tough one, since I'm in Texas! You might want to contact your county agent.. he should be able to help you.

Here we have coastal bermuda pasture, but I don't think bermuda grass is an option in your area.
Where are you in western KY? I'm in Crittenden County. A friend of mine planted some big blue stem a few years ago and it worked pretty good. Give your county agent a call they have alot of information. The guys at our Southern States store are very knowledgable as well. Good luck!

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