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I would like to know if goats will cross a gully with water in it. Will they cross a through deep mud?
They will if they have a reason to. They don;t like it and if you wanted them to they wouldn't. But depend on something like that to keep them somewhere and they'll go through it every time.

Like the old goat rancher said, "If you can throw a bucket of water through it, a goat can get his head stuck in it."

Goats don't like to get wet nor muddy. If you use it to keep them on the other side I wouldn't do it. Cause they will go on the other side if they want to. I your using it as a water then go for it.
Any questions please let me know. :?:
I raise about 20 head of goats & 3 sheep. So I've been with goats for a while. If I don't know the answer I can normally find it. ;-)
Ellie May


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