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I have a cow that calved last Friday night. This is her fourth calf. She is a Holstein cross, so she is a milker!

Problem is that one teat – maybe two is really swelled up, and she is really bagged up. Calf is eating and looks fine.

I am concerned about Mastitis. What can I do to prevent it? How do I know if it (mastitis) is occurring? She is a range cow, but I can capture her and run through the chute is necessary.

Thanks for you Help!

Alex Fullingim Circle A Ranch Red Bluff, Ca
You should put her up the chute, tail jack or cinch her and check out the teats. If the teat ends are damaged, she is much more prone to mastitis. If she already has it, you can treat it!! Take her temp at the same time. Milk can certainly be obtained cleanly for culture, but if you're thinking of doing that, talk to your vet first. Good Luck! V

I have treated many females both bovine and caprine. Get this female in the chute, milk each teat out and check the color and texture of the milk. Each teat should produce a creamy milk, no lumps or clumpps, and milk should flow smoothly from each quarter. Feel of each quarter for lumps or abnormal texture, each quarter should feel firm and supple if not recently nursed, abnormal would feel like golf balls in the quarter. If it is Mastitis you can treat her quarters with an intermamary infusion, such as: Today, CefaparinSodium, and you can treat her systemicly with an Injectable antibiotic like Excenel, which you can get from your vet.

Good Luck, Michelle

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