Putting weaned bull calves with herd bull

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Any bewares for putting my 3 Angus 6 month old weanling bull calves in with the 2 year old (gentle to me) herd bull?

The herd bull will have finished his business with the cows and the weanlings are ready get away from Moms and the heifer calves.

The bull bunch will be well separated from the females (no adjoining fences)

You are probably fixin to get a young bull hurt. I keep my younger bulls seperated from the old bull. I had a four year old go through two fences and a hot wire to fight with the little boys. Bulls will be bulls they are going to fight and push each other around. I raise herd bulls these boys bring a whole new set of rules to the game. I dont put the younger boys with the herd bull until at least 12 months old.
On the other hand, I've never had a problem with it.

I overwintered three head of bull calves with the big boys last winter, and they never bothered the little guys. They just ignored them. Even in the spring when the old testosterone was really flowing and the mature bulls were pushing and shoving, the young ones just hung back and were fine. They are all currently out with their respective herds taking care of business.

Take care.
How big of a pasture are you going to put them in. I have my bulls (five) on about a hundred acre pasture during the winter. They are about the same age though and I have no problems with them. But, I promise you that when I get young bulls they go in a lot by the barns for at least the first year. I can't afford to buy a bull and have him injured.

I have a friend who is carrying a young bull calf (400lbs) to the sale this weekend because his herd bull has literally been beating him to death.

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