purebred vs fullblood

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Fullbloods are cattle that have been imported or are offspring of imported dam and sire. Purebreds are upgraded by breeding fullblood sires to any American cow, 1st cross 1/2 blood/ 2nd cross 3/4 so on til you reach a percentage that is considered "purebred" by that national breed assn. In the Simmental breed, a 7/8 female is considered PB, and a 15/16 bull is considered PB. I personnally prefer PB over FB. We have upgraded and developed the "type" of cattle that best suits us in USA. Most PB's (Simmental) are many, many generations away from any other breed. Also, what is considered Fullblood as imports can also contain "other blood" since other countries cross-breed & upgrade. Jeanne

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