Protecting Wound?

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Apr 25, 2004
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College Station, Texas
My bull has managed to rub his head on something and tear some of the skin off. I have been putting an anti bacterial powder on it, but I cant keep the flies off of it and he keeps scratching it more to get flies off. What can I do to keep the flies off so his head will begin healing? Thanks
pour-on dewormer will keep flies away for several weeks. i walked up to our old pet charolias cow and sprayed some on her back in may (for some reason really old cows tend to have more flies) and then walked away long enough to put the dewormer away. when i came back she had flies all over still. but when i looked closer, they had already been killed in that little amount of time. good stuff.
By now I'm sure you're aware that Brahmans HATE sprays.

Use a product called "Swat". It comes in a jar, and is actually for horses. It's bright pink, so it will look lovely on his head! You can apply it directly on the wound with your fingers.
I used to use the 'Swat' stuff & came across some other *really* good stuff this past winter. It's called NU-STOCK out of Tennessee..costs $25 (and some change) for 2-12 oz. jars (including postage). All that is in it is: Sulphur, Pine Oil & Mineral Oil. Says on the jar "for use after dehorning, castrating; mange, cuts, bruises, burns, swelling, soreness, loss of hair, tender hooves, etc. Eliminates soreness & promotes fastest healing." One thing I like about it is you only have to put it on *once every 3 days*! The drawback is you smell like the Sulphur for the 3 days, too! (But not too bad--unless the critter you're treating thinks you need a bath in it.) :p But its worth it. Keeps the flies off nicely & helps heal the wound with limited scarring & promotes the hair growth after healed. Their website is:
When my horse decided awhile back to 'dehorn' 1/2 of one of my calves' horns...well I slathered this stuff on & didn't have any infections or problems. I use it on all the critters around here when they have a cut, wound, etc, & also used it on the calves when we casterated them & will use it on the horse when I get him gelded. (Shh...don't tell him!) ;-)
perhapse granulex I think it's mainly for horses, or screw worm spray. Put in an ear tag to keep the flies at bay also.
We use a product called cylance. You use it similar to a pour on wormer. You pour it on the top of the head and down there back. It lasts 3 weeks. We use this durring the fly season but especially when we want fly's to stay out of wounds. We use Cylance and either Corona (not the drink :) ) Swat or bag balm when we have a wound we want clean and fly free. Hope this helps. :D
P.S. What is the good old grease thing? Never heard of it being used for this.

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