Protacall for bottle calves

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Aug 29, 2005
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I have 15 weaned calves and 15 calves that are being raised with nurse cows. They all seem to be doing a little coughing and I can seem to get it to clear up. When i get the calves I give them the vac in the nose and a shot of batryle and week of corrid. When I wean them I vaccinate them and a shot of battyle. Still seem to have some coughing. What is anyone's recommend advice? Also want to get anybody that raises bottle calves procedure they use medically with these calves from when you first bring them home tell you sale them.
Standard vaccine for new calves is Inforce. Is that what you are using?
Standard bacterial preventative with chronic viral cough is medicated crumbles.
Honestly, I only buy calves off a couple of dairies that I know their protocol on as far as colostrum feeding. I seldom have a problem with coughing, coccidiosis is the one thing we see and treat accordingly with corrid in a syringe down their throat for 5days, since these calves are also on nurse cows most of the time.
I do not treat a calf for anything unless I see it has a problem. I do not give them any antibiotics or corrid or anything as matter of course...ONLY if they have a problem. We have had some problems with coughing in the beef calves when we weaned them and our weather was 20 one day, 50 the next, up and down crazy. They got medicated crumbles in their feed for about a week or maybe a little longer.
If you are giving antibiotics as matter of course, then you are disrupting the good bacterial in the gut tract. Probios is what we always give to a calf if we have to treat it with antibiotics, to help get it back with live cultures to improve the digestion.

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