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The other day while checking cows, I noticed one of our cows had prolapsed. Both anal and vaginal. While she was pregnant, she wasn't close to calving. When I found her, she was just laying out in the middle of the pasture. Everyone I have talked to had no idea what happened. Any ideas?

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She has a rectovaginal prolapse which is common in certain lines of polled herefords. I've seen it in the odd charolais and a few other breeds. It indicates a weakness in the vestibular musculature. If it returns to normal postion on its own, you can monitor, else either get it replaced and sutured in OR ship her!
i worked for a vet through high school and college and saw this often....seems to me more often in brahman-influenced.

what vicky didn't tell you & hopefully your vet will is that if you have it sutured & the vet uses a shoestring-like suture material, you will need to monitor her closely as she gets close to calving because you will need to cut the sutures so the calf can fit out.

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