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Feb 4, 2006
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Ontario, Canuckleland
A friend that I farm back and forth with dropped by yesterday. He calves about 90 - 100 cows, mostly Limo but some Blues too. He has farmed all his life ( 55 years, a youngster ).

He has had 2 prolapses this year. One was 2 weeks ago. Big Limo cow, a good one about 6 years old. He has a vet that lives across the road that he called up. So they get working on it. After a bit they are getting nowhere. The one vet calls another vet.

The 3 of them are working on it. Almost got it in and one of the vets sticks his thumb through the uterus. Pull it out. Stitch it up. :lol:

NOW, well over 2 hours later, they give the shot in the tailhead and it slides back in.

My friend is 6'2" 220 and he was the smallest of the 3. I have met the one vet and I think he is 6'8" .

I would pay to have film on that one, although I expect the audio would not be fit for mixed audiences! ( Don't you try to figure out who these guys are Vicky and get me in trouble for telling stories! ).

My friend also told me his old vet years ago would use a whipping tree to spread the cows back legs and jack her up from a barn beam to drop the uterus back in.

Just thought I would share it.

I figure if I am ultimately prepared for a prolapse I will never have another! :lol:

I just realized in preview I should have put this on another board, sorry, but no way I am typin all this out again!

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