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Big terminal stock shows do DNA testing of carcasses, but that involves large sums of $$$. You would have to have a lot of foresight to do that for a local beef processor. Heck, most don't even weigh the animals when you drop off, and most dropper-offers don't get a live weight before taking one in…
I was just curious, of course the cost would be a factor. We were recently looking into having a calf genetic tested for CA and dwarfism, and it's like $20 for each test. Not sure how much more they would have to do for an identity match.
My Daddy worked at a slaughter house when I was a kid, he knew how to get the job done! When we moved out to the country, we started raising our own meat...twice a year we butchered and knew what we were going to get. We packed it ourselves and labeled it as what it was. I would love to be able to do myself again, I don't trust the slaughter houses for the simple reason that wshn41 mentioned. In fact, this year we took a hog to butcher, and I didn't get the cuts that I requested, so nope not gonna go down that road again.

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