Price of bull

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I have a fullblood yearling limo bull that I am looking to sell as breeding stock. He is not registered yet, but his dam and sire are. I don't know what a fair asking price would be. Any suggestions?
Why is he not registered at 12 monthes of age?

Was his birth, weaning and yearling data collected, and reported, if not it lowers his value.

What are the EPD's of his Parents?

Value is based on performance and what he can do for the person that buys him. I get from $1200-2000 for a yearling Fullblood, sold privately. If you sell at a sale you can get more or much less if you alow them to sell at that price and have not set a PO, a pass out price which you will not take less than, there has to be competition between buyer for the price to go up.

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