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Sep 5, 2004
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I have a few hereford heifers. Bred to low birth weight angus bull in March. I took possession of them in April. My black bull (14 months old) has been observed by myself to breed one of them as late as four days ago. Is this a sure sign that the cow was not pregnant or or what. I thought they wouldn't breed if the cow is pregnant. New to this, thanks for any and all comments, love this board!
In most cases. a bull won't try to breed a cow that is bred. In most cases. If the cow stood to be serviced, there is still a chance, slim, that she was already bred and settled. Hvae your vet palpate them and he/she/it will be able to tell you how far along they are in their pregnancy.

sometimes they don't stick, to be safe in calf they have to be ninety days and palpatated by a vet. because in the first couple of months they can resorb the fetus.
Thanks a lot for the posts and information. I am wondering now if I am doing something wrong that might be causing the young gal to reabsorb the fetus. They have been rotating around since April on wheat pasture, kosha, pigweed and other weeds and grasses, buffalo grass, sudan grass rotation and throughout the whole thing they had good quality wheat hay available. Also supposedly the appropriate mineral from the feed store. Tell me what you think!
I have heard of false heat. Were the heifers supposed to be bred natural or AI? I haven't had success with AI personally, although I believe we had one pregnancy and lost it when a heifer got too hot during moving and loading only a couple days after the service. The AI fellow, who had supposedly done thousands for Genex before he quit them, said that if they get too hot, it will kill the fetus. Good luck. Those should make some good black-baldies.
If they were only with the bull for 30 days they might not have all been bred. How long were they with the bull?
Alot of young bulls will try to breed anything that will stand for them. We have a cow that is safe with calf, bred back in March, however, once a month or every other month our bull will go through the motions. Our bull is young, he is a Jan. 02 model. Also are the heifers former show heifers? Most show heifers will automatically stand for a bull no matter if in heat or not. That is what makes them hard to AI on the first try. Hope this helps.
Thanks again for the replies. No, they aren't former show girls, although a couple of them are mighty fine.

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