Preg checked heifers

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Apr 26, 2010
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One picture at the end. Four of us and the vet checked 180 heifers in 2 hours. Bulls were in for 30 days, 78% bred. Wasn't much time for pictures and running headgate.IMG_0715.jpeg

We sorted off enough of the poorer breds to make a load and the feedlot was here with their liner last night to load this morning. 74 heifers averaged 851 lbs off truck after a 9 hour haul. They will feed them for two days, weigh with a 4% and split the difference in weight gained. Pay is good!
B preg check that same number of heifers the day I hauled my yearling steers to the sale. They had all been running together. He told me that I might as well haul a load or I would have to stand around and watch them preg check. So I took off with the first load. It is about 35 miles down the freeway from there to the sale. By the time I got back they only had about a dozen heifers left to check. His bulls were in a lot longer. He only had 14 opens. I had left with my second load of steers. He had loaded up the opens to take them to the sale and a rep from a local feedlot stopped by. The rep made him an offer on those heifers. He ended up unloading them, weighing them there at the corral, and sold them for a darn good price right there. I wish that rep had stopped by while my steers were all still there.

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