pre-calving vaccine for cows????

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George Monk

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Mar 1, 2006
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I have had some calves in the last three years that get pinkeye early. two were only days old. The first calf this year was 7 weeks old. We vaccinated the calves this year with pinkeye vaccine at about a week old. Vet saids go ahead...can't hurt. Wasn't sure if it would do any good 'cause of the age and immunity but what the heck.
Well with the occurance of another early case I am not satisfied. We are discussing getting an autonomus vaccine for pinkeye. I was also considering giving a pinkeye shot to the cows 6-8 weeks before calving. Hopefully this would boost the colosterum and maybe fend off these early cases.
Once the calves get some age I usually don't have pinkeye. Kinda frustrating.
I wouldn't stress too much about these cases 'cause they heal quickly with a shot of LA 200 but we are a cooperative herd for a fellow who produces show calves.
Comments very welcome.
Might be a good idea to get some of your cows, and calves, the ones proned to pink eye tested for IBR and BVD. There is a reason for this happening
Have you tracked the Pink eye? Are the calves from the same dams geting it?
What are your files like when it happens?

We have ruled out BVD.
It is positively pinkeye. there is no real correlations. BCS on all the mommas was good. two of the cows are among our most porductive and raise great calves for us. The treatment we have used is 5ml of LA 200. Excellent response not retreatment is necessary.
We use Kent minerals.

Haven't ruled out IBR. We do a pretty good job of vaccinating. I have consulted 2 veterinarians and they are both sure that it is pinkeye.

Our next step is to get a specific vaccine for our strain of pinkeye. We have a bio-lab close by that can culture the vermen and if it is significant difference than they will adjust the vaccine for us.

If the white spot in the eye is offcenter it's usually IBR, if it's centered it's usually pinkeye. Even with cows and calves that are fully up to date on vaccinations can get IBR. There are some strange mutated strains that pop up once in a while.
Add more iodine to your minerals.

If you are having recurrent problems with pinkeye, take your next one to the vet, they can do a culture and make a pinkeye vaccine from it so that you will stop getting it or at least it will give the immunity.

In 2006 when I first got my red polls I was having to dr them seemed like every time I turned around and the people I got them from said they never had any problem with pinkeye, however, they used 3 cups diatomaceous earth (do not breathe the dust) and mixed it thoroughly in 50 lbs mineral. They swore by it, but I did not try it so I can't vouch for it.

I had the vet do a culture and he sent off and got the vaccine, once I started giving that (there are many different forms of pinkeye and this one was a sheep pinkeye) I quit having problems.
I checked this springs pinkeye case and after 8 days the white spot has nearly dissappeared. It only looks like a VERY small irritation in the middle.
I think the way to go seems to be getting a specific vaccine for our farm. Hope that doesn't cost too much :?
thanks everybody

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