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Angus Cowman

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Oct 12, 2008
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the Great State of Mental Distress ( Florida)
My nephew who is a foreman for a yearling outfit in Tx was hurt about 6 weeks ago when a horse fell on him and broke his shoulder and collar bone
well this week they found a infection in his shoulder and gave him antibiotics and he had an allergic reaction so they did surgery and had to put drains in it they also found that when the infection is cleared up they are going to have to remove the pins and rebreak his shoulder and put new pins in it
Sorry to hear that A/C, I will remember him and your family in my prayers.

Angus C.
Prayer done as requested.
I know about horses falling. I have had them fall on me. So, been there, done that. I was lucky that nothing got broke. (Breaks came from other "activities".) But my skeleton to this day will not stay in proper alignment.
Be sure to tell him that some folks here are behind him.
Brad, got in a wreck in 2001. Same type of thing happened in my right leg. The drugs are even better now than then. Time will heal it, he'll be ok.. gs
no sooner said than done....I can relate to that pain a broken shoulder, done the same thing a good few years back, some thing allergic to the antibiotics and to this day I can't raise my left arm further than my shoulder moving up side ways, lost the bicep muscle it withered with lack of use, so tell him to do the exercises and push through the pain, as it will help with the build up of the muscle. God Bless you all. take care...Chris

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