powerstroke buzz test

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Aug 25, 2005
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Arkansas Ozarks
My truck is a 95 f-350, it has a rough idle and you can feel it shake alittle going down the road at about 2000 RPMs. Any way I had an injector buzz test run on it and the # 8 was real quite, you could hardly hear it compared to the others. Does that sound like a bad injector or maybe just the wiring under the valve cover?
Ford had problems with both. Look at the harness connector and see if you can see if it is melted or has been hot. But is probably the injector. JHH
The connectors at the valve covers look good and clean but I have not took them off yet to see if any wires are cooked under there. I have a bad feeling that its an injector also.
If the wires are cooked that sucker will jump and sputter at all rpms especially higher but also at idle, you will know when it happens, I would say injector but check all 4 plugs and look for ANYTHING burnt

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