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Jul 13, 2004
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I think back sometime in March there was an article with pictures posted on the signs when a cow is ready to give birth. It was a tremendous article that I printed but now cannot find and going back through the posts I cannot find it. The post described in detail every sign leading up to the birth of the calf. If anyone can help me out on that posting. I have looked through the posts but cannot find that particular post. Thank you for your help.
Speaking of which signs; I have a cow that fooled me tonight. I thought surely she'd calve by nightfall, but at ten she still hadn't.

Typically, extensive swelling (above and beyond what she's had for weeks)accompanied by mucuous discharge(which she may have also had for weeks), full udder with teats stiffened, a shift in the way the cow is carrying the calf, and usually she will hang back, or stand off a ways from the rest.
After 20+ years in this business, they still fool me alot of the time....early or late calving.

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