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Excavator. Kinda handy., I can keep moving the bag so as not to have it over the person holding the tube.
I used to have two compartments on my drill fill but I took the fertilizer half off several years ago and sold it to a neighbour because I thought if I ever wanted to fertilize I would broadcast it. Then I bought this drill to try no till which requires fertilizer. Oops.
I don't have any fancy drills like yours Silver but I find with my little old seeder it is a bit of a pain in the ar$e to clean the fertilizer out properly and then rust inhibitors to prevent corrosion.

Does it make you a little nervous, having those bears so close to the herd? Or do they leave them alone?
This pair is only interested in digging the oats up from where I fed during calving. They have churned up a lot of the area now.
Bears do make me nervous, but they seem to either be calf killers or they aren't..

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