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I doubt that calf is double muscled. We used (and raised) Blonde d'Aquitaine bulls for years. Our cows were perfectly capable of having them, just as easily as from Simmental.
I would agree on that. He might have no myostatin mutation, so not double muscled. At least his sire isn't a carrier to my knowledge. We had a lim bull, which had at least one copy of myostatin, but he was a completely different type of animal.
Blondes as a breed aren't double muscled. They do not carry any kind of myostatin mutation.
Alot depends from what kind of myostatin mutation(-s) is in the animal and what kind of cows bulls are used on.
Big bones, big frame will cause more issues than abit more flesh most of the time. That's why traditional charolais are often harder calved, while so called culard (double muscled) charolais are pretty easy calved.
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think "some" breeds' newborns aren't born with the DB, it develops later?? Seems like I was told that many years ago.
It depends from myostatin mutation. There are 9 variations. Three of them, as you said, means that calf is born plain, but develops muscles quickly after birth. Some breeds can have a couple different mutations, so it's better to know which kinds are in each animal. The same animal can have one copy of a so called good mutation and a copy of the mutation, which causes big birth weights and big muscularity at birth. Just like an animal can have only one copy of myostatin mutation (heterozygous) and only 50% of the progeny would get it.
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I think you're right. I had a bunch of apple butts in the early to mid 80's and they brought good money but then people got scared of them because people with crappy cattle had some poor calving results and the fear took hold and the double muscled calves started to be discounted. Personally, I only had one bad calving experience with double muscled bulls and that was because the calf was a monster. Experienced, capable cows spit them out just fine.
Guess sexting for bull calves might get more lbs. ? Just thinking of the possibility out loud. 8-9 hundred pound stockers has a nice ring to it

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