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Reminds me of a poem from when we were kids. My little brother told us this.

Do your nuts hang low?
Do they wobble to and froe?
Can you tie 'em in a knot?
Can you tie 'em in a bow?
Can you throw them over your shoulder
Like a Continental soldier?
Do your nuts hang low?
His nose/mouth looks weird. Oh shoot - Joy is going to tell us he has an underbite!!
He actually appears to have an overbite and his image has been obviously photoshopped onto a grass scenery background. His tail switch looks really nice -- kind of an 80s rock hair band vibe.
They always fuzz up their tails for pictures and photoshop.
You know, they breed these bulls for dairy character, that is, milk, not meat so they have a feminine look. But my God, look at those udders. Se how high and tight these bulls undercarriage is? They throw daughters with udders that can support that amount of milk without breaking down

How about this one? His name is Texas. He is certainly a more masculine bull. I'm going to breed my other cow to him since Daphne came from a dairy in that same area of Texas. They might be even be related.
I like the classic Jersey look. So many Jerseys have Holstein in the genetic woodpile now to increase production. They are not typey, but have a long straight profile like a horse face. My heifer came from commercial dairy and she does not have that classic look. This is what I mean- Wide forehead with huge eyes, up turned ears, dished profile, small muzzle.

So I am going to breed her to the Texas bull next time because I like this classic look in my cattle Don't need a ton of milk.
This is Gizmo Boss 2034 a three year old bull out of our D Boss Bull. His dam has qualified 5 times for Pathfinder status, I understand that once a cow is designated a pathfinder they are always a pathfinder and I also understand hitting that mark is an awesom accomplishment. But from my experience we have a good number of pathfinders within our herd, however most have only one certificate so actually made the requirement one time. The dam of this bull has five I think that makes her elite among elites. She is currently 15 years old and fixing to wean her 13 th calf. She is the kind that makes an operation profitable. 2034 has his first calf crop on the ground and they have not disappointed. Mighty good one in this package.

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