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Oct 20, 2008
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Has anyone ever had any problems with porcupines? I did for the first time this weekend. I came home from school (I wouldn't have normally because I was working all weekend, but I went home between shifts to help my younger sister with a school project) and went up to see my girls. They are on pasture right now, my grandfather fills their water tub once every couple days but other than that they are just out roaming around. Well I happened to come home and went up to see them and found one of them with a face full of porcupine quills. They went from the top of her muzzle down to about where a halter goes around the chin. She had a pushed a couple of them in pretty far, probably from trying to eat. I put a halter on her (definite benefit to only having a small herd and keeping them friendly) and sent sis after some pliers and supplies. We poured vinegar on the quills to soften them, then I restrained while my sister plucked. Ended up with about 100 when we were through. Only a few bled and they came out pretty well, it only took a couple hours. Got her cleaned up, she didn't have a temp and seemed OK after, my grandfather is going to keep a close eye on her next couple of days. I was very glad that I happened to come home, otherwise no one would have likely seen them til I came home next weekend and by then she would have been very sick or dead, because there is no way she could have eaten, and on top of that she has a calf on her. I was glad she was the only one who had them too. Curious critters :roll: Didn't see any sign of the porc.....probably would have shot the b*%&#%^ if so.....don't need to be going through that again! Just thought I'd share...it was certainly an experience.
Yep dogs , cows horses..

The last was a cow and I posted a pick . We pulled the quills from her snout, eyes and feet and then gave her a good dose of LA pen and an anti inflammatory (actually the vet did as it was the day before herd health when she got tangled up with the porcupine). She was fine and gave me 3 more awesome calves. She hits the road tomorrow ..
I can't remember the last time I saw a porcupine on the ranch. We used to have a real problem with them, now I think they are going to put them on the T&E list.

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