Poly Hay Rings

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They are very tough. I added 2x4's to try to keep from wasting so much hay. This helped a little but still very wasteful. I finally went to a homemade feeder and just use this one when I need to put out extra hay.
i know a guy that uses them.an he likes them very much.an they will last for 15 or 20yrs.im thinking bout getting some but they cost like $400ea.an sq tubing round bale feeders cost $100ea.an they only last 7 or 8yrs if that.
I know a guy that said he would never go back to metal. Said the poly was stronger, lasted much longer, and was lightweight enough that he put the bales out and his wife put the rings over them. If something does happen to them, repair/splicing kits are very reasonable, less than $20. The local MFA coop was selling them for $235 this past winter.

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