Polled Hereford lines: Victor and Domino

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TexasCountryWoman":oi8t7wgo said:
Does anyone know anything about the "Victor" or the "Domino" lines of Polled Herefords? Any info at all would be useful. Thanks.

could you be a little more specific? are you wanting history? traits? current sires?
I finally got the papers on my bull and his name is Victor as well as his sire, grandsire and greatgrandsire. There are also a number of Victorias in his lineage. Part of my bulls sire's name is Victor Domino and there is a Domino in his background. There is also Marathon Man. I was just curious about the line, any specifics. I am reviving a small herd of comercial cattle that still carry genes from the 1920's. Back then my grandparent's used several Mischeif bulls, all polled and developed the first P.H. herd in the area. I have no knowledge of current lines. I scouted the area for a good while before deciding on this bull. He comes from a respectable breeder and I had a good number to choose from.
TexasCountryWoman":1ta760eq said:

Is there a way to research these lines on the net? I do the same thing with my dairy goats, etc. I want to know everything. Thanks.

try http://www.hereford.org

the victors are known for their maternal traits........good udder conformation, high milk production. they may be a little lower in some of the growth traits, but that will depend on what else is in the pedigree. marathon man should add a little size.

a high percentage of our cow herd has victor bloodlines somewhere in their pedigree. of course it will depend on your particular bull, you should get some really nice replacement females out of him.
Messner Herfords in Slapout, Oklahoma has a strong line of Domino Herford Bulls. Look them up in a directory on the internet
Thanks for all the info I got via PMs. I did learn quite a bit and am quite satified that I made a good choice when I selected my bull. I did get him to increase my herd size with his daughters. As far as the Domino line of bulls being horned, I have not found this to be true. All the Dominoes I found were polled. There was also alot of info in the Victor line and the passing on of maternal traits. Thanks again for the help. ;-)
I looked at the "Messner" Herefords pics on the net, and sure nuff, they are horned. I guess the Domino line is either a very old one, going back prior to the division of polled and horned OR there are simply two lines. I surely don't know.

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