poll question(breed-number of head you run on how many acres

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Feb 14, 2004
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i am trying to find out the boards favorite breed. how many cattle they run and how many acres per head of cow they run. thanks
I run 3 pairs per acre. Rotational grazing march to late october. Hay in a dry lot November to March give or take a few weeks. East central Ohio
We don't rotate we just throw some hay and feed out in the winter. I have a friend who has a herd that he rotates and it sounds like a lot of work. He is a cow per 5 acres. Doesn't it cost alot to drylot them? We feed 2.5# of 20% cubes per cow per day from Oct 15 thru Apr 1 and hay only when it snows or when they run out of grass. We do alot of wheat in the winter for our steers though and we barely feed them anything unless there is snow on the ground.
Registered Simmental, Brahmans and Simbrahs. Currently running 75 head of momma cows on 250 acres. Generally in this area (central Texas) 3 - 5 acres per cow/calf unit.
TheBullLady":hs7gr5g5 said:
Currently running 75 head of momma cows on 250 acres. .

First let me say i'm sorry of what i am going to ask but........... ;-) how many papa cows do you run :?: :?: :roll:
Angus females (red or black) and cross w/ a limo or angus bull the first two calves then go to charolais cross calves. 1-2 pr. per acre if irrigated ground, 1 pr. per 10 acres on dry range ground. Central Valley Ca.
Can run a pr on about 2 acres. Usually feed corn/soyhulls (3 # every other day from about Jan. 1 - Mar 31 ) plus free choice round bales. Central Ky.
Beginner with Dexter cattle. One polled dun bull calf and plan on getting two heifers this fall. I will keep only three. Yelm, WA
2 acres per pair year round, no feed, no hay. Stocking rate could be improved by more intensive management and rotation to possibly 1 acre per pair. Angus bulls on Braford cows.
About an acre and a half per pair. I run sale barn cows (the rainbow coalition, at least one of every color) bred to black angus bulls.

we run close to 200 polled hereford cows on about 1000 acres. most of the places we own have improved grasses and little or no brush and can run about 1 pair/2.5-3 acres. most of the leased land has more brush and runs fewer head per acre. so, on avg we run approximately 1 pair/5 acres. we feed hay in the winter & the hay fields are accounted for in the total acres & pairs/acre.
figure on 6 acres per pair or 5 acres to a dry cow over the summer. Heifers can be stocked at 5 per also. This year we could have stocked a lot heavier because of the amount of grass out there. But after drought and landlords taking pasture away we're down to 175 cows and 10 bulls right now. 2 years ago we had 8 bulls and 220 cows. DIfference in size of pasture and amount available.
registered black angus 60 pairs and 14 replacement females. 2 to 3 acres per pair including winter hay.

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