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Apologies for being negligent in botching the poll. I had selected 5 days for the poll to be open, but it closed early. Operator error most likely. And I'm overwhelmed right now, so finally getting around to posting the results.

Congrats @Hogfarmer10 and @Ouachita, who tied. @Nesikep entered the gear shift bender.

@Hogfarmer10 and @Ouachita get to decide the subject for the May '24 contest.
It's a vacuum chamber. Old freezer compressor hooked up to suck. It'll suck about 26", but we just use it till about 18".
It'll hold a gallon jar, or a mixture of smaller ones. We use it to buy stuff in quantity and save it for future needs.

I've put normally canned goods in there, and the lids pop at about 7" +/- 2", so I think when we "preserve" a batch of beans or rice, or flour…… we can make it last.

You can even quickly marinate a piece of meat with it. No tricks.

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