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What are the reasons more cattle breeders are not using South Devons

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Most of the South Devon cattle are located in the Midwestern part of the USA.

There is a large gene pool, there just not know about out side there area.

Leachman Ranch has worked with the South Devon breed for the last few years and they and other breeders are using the south devons in cross breeding programs.

Like the Milking Devons is a breed of cattle that is in New England, the Red Devons are located in the Middle Atlanic states to the South there both know well in there area's but the problem is there not know out side of there area!

Just because people do not know the facts about these breeds does not mean there a bad breed of cattle or can say any thing about there gene pool with out taking the time to ask the questions and look at all of the facts.

The nice thing about the internet you can type in the name of the cattle breed and you can do your own seach and find all the information that your looking for,Good Luck!

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