Plowable Quack Grass Pasture Renovation

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Stocker Steve

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May 2, 2005
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Central Minnesota
A typical rotation here is to fall spray sod with Roundup to kill the existing quack, plow, row crop a couple years, and then reseed. Lots of time and cost with today' inputs. Alfalfa seed and K are both quite expensive and row cropping does not pencil out on many of our local soils.

If a person wanted a grass/clover pasture w/o the time or expense of row cropping - - what are the drawbacks with grazing it tight, straight disking and/or spring toothing, seeding mostly clover, and then culti packing? :idea: Would this work better in the fall rather than the spring?

I wouldn't try this with the less vigorous alfalfa. I am assuming that clover can keep up with the volunteer quack, and that I don't need to provide much grass seed. :)
I reseeded one of which had quack problems, with rye and clovers prior to any growth in the spring and this worked very well here.

EDIT: I did it via no-till.

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