Pipe Fence

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Running Arrow Bill

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Dec 24, 2003
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Texas Panhandle On US 83
Around our parts, 2-3/8" used well pipe is selling between .80 and $1.00 a foot; 2-7/8" for about $1.25 foot. Think cable is ranging between .25 and .50 a foot (good used). You can probably figure 2 to 3X the cost of materials for labor (for one's local/area crews).

I would think one could expect to pay around $3.00 to $4.50 a foot for pipe & cable fence installed. ???

About 3 years ago it cost us around $7.00 a foot to have a pipe and 4x4" mesh cattle panel fence installed (top & bottom pipe, posts 10' on center, fence 5.5' high) with one gate.

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