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> Huge birth weights, difficult
> calving, no marbling.

> Jason

I'd like to expand on this. I will respectfully disagree on the birthweights - really no larger than the average of other breeds. The problem in calving comes because of the double muscling characteristic of the breed. The calves often hiplock at birth and are unable to be born naturally. Lots of C-sections with this breed and even when crossing with other breeds.

Double muscled breeds have been docked and knocked from time immemorial in the sale barns and showrings. They produce lots and lots of meat but take lots and lots of management. Other problems with this breed include small testicle size on the bulls leading to lower rates of fertility. It's a high maintenance breed that is still struggling for acceptance among traditional breeders. On the other hand, Leachman Cattle Co., Billings, has begun raising them and look for good things for the breed as Leachman is one of the premier cattle/bull producers in the world.


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