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i'm not sure since mine have always worked, but under "Profile" there is a box for a check mark that says "always enable smilies". try that.
You missed a few:

:mrgreen: :cowboy: :clap: :frowns: :hat: :arrow: :kid: :lol2: :nod: :santa: :cry2: :devil2: :???: :pretty: :dunce: :help: :stop: :heart:

When you are in photobucket select the bottom link the one that starts with IMG, hit copy. Then in this reply window select from the yellow boxes above. Right click and select paste. Preview the message to see if the correct picture appears. Sometimes you have to make the photo smaller in photobucket for it to take here. You can do that under edit in photobucket.

Hope this helps.
looks like you did the mechanics right but don't see a photobucket users name in the link. You might try making photo smalller, it is not showing up here.

OK everyone, Please forgive me. How do I get my pictures into photobucket? I reg at I don't know how to get them to photobucket? They are in a file named my pictures and some of them are in a slide show when my computer goes idle. Sorry for being so stupid. :cry:

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