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Apr 9, 2009
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I emailed Rustler9 a couple longhorn pictures,and thought I'd post a couple of pictures of their calves from Black Brangus bull.
They are the kids pets and Longhorn mom's are the kids babies. The black and white Longhorn Mom in the picture is probably 18-20 years old. We got her cheap because she was old and poor looking. About a week later and a lot of 50/50 grain later,we had a loyal friend. She is the mother of the calf ahead of her in the first picture.
I thought the calves from the black brangus were nice looking. About 8 months old and they are going to be slick headed. All seem to be the black/white with the one gray calf. He is muscle from head to toe. Heterosis in action,LOL....
Mom is bred back to a hereford bull and we are excited to see what color the calf will be. Been trying to find a picture of a hereford/longhorn cross to compare. :cboy:
judging from those cars in the background, you must be a southerner too, seems we collect them like some folks collect baseball cards :cowboy:
One of the biggest cows I have ever seen was out a registered Polled Hereford cow and a big beefy Peeler Longhorn bull. We have several of this bull's Longhorn daughters but this one belonged to someone else. I wish I had taken a picture of that cow, she was huge, white face, polled and red and white pots, speckles and roan all over. She was a beautiful cow. I sold that guy a Yates bred Longhorn bull to breed them (his cows) to. LH and Hereford is a good cross but you'll probably get a colorful calf.

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