Pictures of our cattle without ribbons & grain

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Jan 21, 2006
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My little patch of earth, Perth, WA, Australia
Alan":12s50rxe said:
I'm also one who would like to see some cattle from down under without ribbons or weight from added feed. As mentioned someone from a "3rd world country" has some great looking cattle without the feed and standing up in a halter (yes I know he shows and judges).... but he shares the pics of them in working clothes.



10 yr old bull. Working clothes as you would say it. Has not even smelled grain for the past 6 years. Pasture, and oaten hay when the pasture is struggling. I know its a bad pic but you can see he's in good nick.


Just a 6 mth old weaner steer calf in front of the bull. Mum's milk, pasture and hay.


Cant think off the top of my head how old this cow is. She'd have to be around 8 or so. Again, no grain. Pasture and hay when needed.


Another cow, similar age to the one above


3 yr old bull. Hasnt had grain for 18 mths since he came off the show circuit and went into the pasture with the girls. Grass and hay. And you can see he is still in very good condition. He holds that condition on grass.




And because I'm probably going to get comments about the long toes on the front foot, the neighbour's mongrel Limo/Angus/goodness knows what else mutt tore down the fence and got him riled up, huge bull fight, our guy injured that foot. He's got a LOT better on it but yeah, it hasnt worn properly because of him not putting enough weight on it. So its a bit long.

Some 6 mth old weaner bull calves. Nothing fancy. Will go as commercial yearling bulls for probably $1200 to $1600. Grown out on mum's milk, hay and pasture. Now they are in the pasture with the rest of the bullies. Plenty of grass and a bit of hay to bind them up, the green feed is shooting through them.





bad photo of a 2 yr old bull. no grain. I'm not the biggest fan of this bull.


So there you go. Photos of the cattle WITHOUT halters, ribbons, or being fed up. None of these shots are fantastic, mind you. They were taken in about 10 mins. Didnt have time to wait for them to pose properly. And the REALLY good heifer and bull calves are at a different property. I hope to get out there soon to get some pictures for you.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOW I am impressed. Some I like and some I don't.
I don't even need to say how much I like the 3yr old. Tha is exactly my kind of bull and I will tell you for sure I would much rather see him like that than in the ring.

I personally will look forward to seeing what you consider the good ones. Thanks for stepping outside the box, and posting some real world cattle.
Nice looking cattle, I'm very impressed with that last bull also, nice deep, thick looking meat producer. I figured you Aussies had some normal "working cattle". :lol: . They look like what you can find on a lot of quaility ranches in any cattle producing country.

I didn't mean to offend, I just figured all the cattle over there weren't born with ribbons and bows. :lol:

Thanks for posting,

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