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Apr 16, 2022
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Central Oklahoma
I'm looking for good broadside pictures of cattle, preferably angus, at given weights all the way from 4 to 1100 or more. This is really just for me as a personal project. I'd like to see all of the side by side by side. Appreciate any input.
Sounds like a neat project. But there is too much variability between individuals. Small frame vs large, cattle that are pushed hard vs cattle that are grown out. An 1100 pound steer could be carrying no fat or it could be butter ball fat depending on the individual.
Not to mention picture angle and distance.
Might be better to take pictures of cattle at the sale barn or screen shot video sales so you can see their weights too?
Estimating weight by just looking is difficult. The more cattle you see weighed, the better you get at it, and I can't explain why.
You need live experience, not just photographs.
I am better at weights than I am at age on cattle just going through a ring or in a pen. Cows in particular can fool me.
Your project would be interesting, but all the variables may make it not very useful.
I was passing through a little town, Preston Idaho, on my way home from a vacation at the coast. Dressed in a bright Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and flip flops... and long hair. There was a place that had just opened in town across from the sale barn, a place that bought cattle by weight without the hassle of the sale barn and they guaranteed prices as good or better and no commission. They ended up putting the sale barn out of business.

But anyhow, I was curious so stopped in my vacation wear. I asked the guy a bunch of questions including asking about if they needed any help. He looked at my Hawaiian shirt, and down at my flip flops, and I could see he was trying to come up with a response without snickering. A bunch of Char heifers was in the lane and going to go on the scales in the next few seconds and I offered my opinion that they would go 620 pounds. This time the guy did laugh out loud, He brought the calves on, and the weight was 615. He kind of gave me a sideways look and asked me to guess the weight on the next bunch. After a couple more he wasn't too worried about what I was wearing. He ended up offering me a job going out on the farm to buy on site. I didn't take the job... we would have had to move... but it was fun to change his mind.

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