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Jan 13, 2004
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Southeast Louisiana
About 2 weeks ago I told you guys about a heifer I had bought that I thought had mange...Many suspected lice and I agreed with everyone, not having the faintest idea what was wrong with the gal...My vet (friend) gave a free diagnosis...Without looking he said she had photosensitivity (sp.) her hair may grow back (some likely to some will not).. Well a $160 lesson...
all I have to do now is sell her to someone a little more stupid than myself and that might be a hard job finding that person :D :D
Sounds like hematoprotoproheria, if it is you probably will not have too much longer before she dies from liver failure anyway. Sorry to here about it, wrotten break.

You never know, it seems like a crap shoot. The last three heifers I purchased looked to be skin and bones, auctioneer kept saying they were dry wintered. No one seemed interested in them so I picked them up cheap and now just a month later they look spectacular, probably haul em back to the auction next week.
But look at the education you got. I've wasted more money then that and not learned a darn thing.


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