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Jan 21, 2006
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My little patch of earth, Perth, WA, Australia
The way this game works is as follows:

1. Choose the fourth folder on your computer containing photos
2. Choose the fourth photo in that folder
3. Post it here and explain the story behind it
4. 'Tag' the person who has to post their photo next.

Now, being a forum maybe we should just skip the last step, and whoever wants to play, go ahead and post your photo.

I'll put a warning here: mine is graphic. So I'm gonna leave a big gap here if you dont want to see a dead animal and a rotting, festering lungs and heart

 ... puser/2600

I couldnt have landed on a grosser picture if I tried, huh?

Anyway, this was my friend's prize winning boer buck after I autopsied him. He had been off his feed for about a week, but no other symptoms whatsoever. I had looked at him early in the week, given some antibiotics, also given protexin, minerals, vitamins etc. Looked at him later in the week and he seemed to have picked up. Then my friend called that night said he was talking to him out in the paddock, walked inside to get his last antibiotic, came back out and he was dead.

On the autopsy, we found this. That grey, chunky looking thing is what is left of his lungs. And you can see all the puss and fluid surrounding the lungs and heart. The lungs and diaphragm were fused onto the rib cage as well. I honestly dont know how he was alive so long. I think what actually killed him was just the pressure of the fluid build up on his heart. Interesting thing was that he didnt have any signs of respiratory problems, no coughing, wheezing, nothing.

And the culprit? You can just see a little diagonal line in the middle of that greyish lump of lung. That is a head of barley grass, about 7cm long, that I found in the lung, in a blackened hole. Somehow he had managed to inhale it and you could see the awns had broken off and travelled throughout the lungs, decimating all of them instead of only the bit where the actual head was.

I've never seen anything like it before and I probably wont ever see it again.

EDIT to say it wouldnt accept my pic the way I normally post them, so I had to just post the link to the photo on the ranchers photo gallery, sorry

One day I was taking pics of the cows - as usual - and then I went over to the water trough and put my hand in it and watched the droplets fall off and figured the droplets on my hand might make a good pic...but to my absolute amazment I caught a pic of the drop just hitting the water...
A pair of Braford heifers. The one in front calved 5 days after the picture was taken.

Sure would like to have some pastures like that again. (They are grazing on the edge of an abandonded gravel oil pad)