Phosphorus source-- fire extinguisher material??

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Apr 2, 2005
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Wa state
I found an ad on my local Craigslist for a soil enhancer-- It's the stuff that comes out of certain fire extinguishers- it's called ABC dry--chem. It is 95 percent MAP mono ammonium phosphate which is a moderate source of nitrogen and a high source of phosophorus it's analysis is 11-52-0 The other 5 percent is
Attaclay( Fuller's earth)

and a little calcium carbonate and yellow pigment. ... 1636ce41be

I think I'm going to do a test plot of this-- I can't see why it wouldn't be ok...?
any thoughts?
Be careful not to breathe any of it, the stuff takes your breath away. I know from experience. After all, its job is to remove oxygen. Right?
Yes-- it's very fine-- I was planning on wearing a mask, but thank you! I plan on mixing it with compost before spreading it, as it is extremely light.

Susie, I can't remember where you are in Washington, but I do remember you are from the Westside. Just go to Wolfkill in Monroe or Wilco in Chehalis. They are both fertilizer plants that sell fertilizer a whole lot cheaper than the local farm stores do.

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