PFred babies

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Dun, I have 12 PFred babies on the ground from my F-1 heifers, and I am likeing them so far. Had a set of twins on Saturday with the small one weighing #38 and doing great on mom. The biggest I have had is a bull calf weighing #71 at birth. They have been averaging #68. Very lively, and hardy it seems. They have pretty good stretch to them, like weiner dogs with more leg. I guess I am most impressed with the size other than a lack of depth , and how fast they are up and at 'em.
I like the one calf I had out of him last year. I am considering buying more of him but I'm not sure how marketable bulls would be from him. I don't see any in the sale ads I seem to get almost daily.
We had a 39 lb calf year before last... I could pick it up with one hand and carry it that arm. Looked like a miniature it never got above waist high (I'm 5' 11") and not over 250-300# when we finally sold it.