PETA's at it again(still)

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Dec 28, 2003
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Protests prompt Iowa station to yank PETA ad

by Megan Sweas on 8/16/04 for

An Iowa television station has become the latest to pull a television ad
from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, following protests from farm
groups, the Associated Press reported.

Barraged by complaints that the information in the advertisement is
inaccurate and irresponsible, Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based KGAN-TV pulled the ad off
the air last Monday.

The ad promoting vegetarianism claims: "Mad cow disease is in the U.S."
The ad also includes images of a sick cow, a pig being bludgeoned with a cinder
block and a chick having its beak burned off.

"Those kinds of false and misleading statements need to be rectified,"
said Aaron Putze, spokesman for the Coalition to Support Iowa's Farmers.

The only case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy found to date in the
United States was a dairy cow imported from Canada into the state of Washington.

"The residents of Iowa deserve to know these animals are going straight
into our food supply, so if they care about their health and avoiding diseases,
they shouldn't be eating meat," Ravi Chand, PETA's director for campaigns, told
the AP.

The station generally pulls ads if there is a significant volume of
complaints, an official said, and the station received numerous phone calls
after airing the PETA ad six times.

The advertisement has also been pulled by WPTA in Fort Wayne, Ind., and
KSVI and KHMT in Billings, Mont. Many TV stations rejected the ad from the

WPTA decided to pull the advisement as to not upset anyone by its graphic
nature, Doug Barrow, the stations general sales manager, told the Fort Wayne
I heard they have a new one out featuring a picture of Ronald Reagan and trying to tie Reagan and Alzheimers disease to eating beef. Nancy Reagan has asked that it not be aired-

I hope they air it--------- and then she sues them for every dime they will ever have!!!
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Dun, what is this? Are you spamming? :D :D :D

Looks like he's thinking about spawning!!!

I didn't even see that when I cut and pasted from an e-mail. I think there is a header or something that I never read on that is imbedded in the messages as a picture (yahoo mail). I'll have to look at that closer.


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