Peruvian Paso Foal

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As breeders of purebred Peruvian Paso and Tennessee Walking Horses, we just recently had a new PP colt (our TWH mare is also due to foal with a TWH foal any day now). So far, the PP colt has displayed excellent manners, approach, receptiveness to handling, sackaing out, and all. Some of the experts say that PP Stallions are more docile and easier to handle than some of the non-Spanish breed gaited horses. At less than 30 days old, the PP colt allowed us to touch him all over, without tying him, as well as to sack him out with our cap and/or jacket. This past week, I was able to put my cap on his head (over his ears) and he just stood there. Another cute event was that his Dam grabbed a piece of alfalfa, and when she tossed her head, a small flake landed on her colt's back--he walked around for several minutes with the flake on his back. I can't wait to do more work with the colt after he and his Dam come back from the A.I. Vet facility following her insemmination to another grand champion Stallion!

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